What is LFT TCKT?

We run software for independent venues, promoters,and festivals to manage show listings and sell tickets. More about us here.

I ordered tickets through the site but haven’t gotten them in the mail.

Generally we don’t ship tickets at all (saving $ and trees). Just bring an I.D. to the show and claim your tickets at “Will Call” or at the door- they’ll have your name on the list.

I have not received a confirmation email.

Our email system is pretty dependable, however, due to the volume of messages we send, sometimes they end up in spam folders. Please check your junk mail and white list (add to contacts) “[email protected]“. If you don’t find a confirmation email in your junk mail, please contact us!

What if I can’t go to the show I bought tickets for or want a refund?

Generally you should contact the promoter directly and theywill get in touch with us to make the refund happen. If you don’t know who the show promoter is, we can help!

How are “Taxes and Fees” calculated?

We charge a per ticket fee (% based) to cover our credit card processing fees and make some profit. For some shows OUR fee barely covers THEIR fees. We refer to this as”LFT TCKT fee“.

Our promoters include their taxes in the base ticket price. By law we can’t charge tax on an item (ticket) because tax has been included. So we apply federal and regional taxes – but only to the “LFT TCKT fee“.

The venues, promoters, and festivals we work with sometimes charge an additional fee if they have administrative costs they want to cover (printing, managing will call, paying a door person, etc.)… We refer to this as “[promoter name] fee“.

These fees and our taxes are added together and listed as”Taxes & Fees” during checkout. A detailed breakdown is listed in the confirmation email you are sent, on the order confirmation screen, and in the PDF receipt attached to the confirmation email.

We don’t want to gouge or confuse our customers with fees. We’ve tried to strike a balance as we work hard and have real costs to cover. If you have further questions about fees or how we calculate tax, contact us!