Terms & Conditions

By using the online LFT TCKT Service found at www.lfttckt.com or www.lfttckt.events, you (“Purchaser”), agree to the following terms and conditions:

LFT TCKT” refers to an online Ticketing, advertising and promotional service found atwww.lfttckt.com or www.lfttckt.events(“Service”) run by Hello Everyone in Virginia and used by event Partners and Promoters (“Promoter”) for the purpose of advertising, promoting and selling tickets to concert, theatre, and other live events. LFT TCKT assumes absolutely no liability arising or resulting from, either directly or indirectly, the event for which Tickets are purchased or sold using the Service. The Purchaser accepts all risks arising in connection with their attendance at any such concert or other type of event.

Ticket Delivery

Event Tickets (“Ticket(s)”) are sent to the Purchaser immediately upon payment completion, via the email to the address(es) provided during the purchase process. Payment shall in most cases be made by credit card, through the service provided by LFT TCKT, and processed by Authorize.net. Tickets lost, stolen, damaged, deleted or otherwise destroyed following delivery to Purchaser shall under no circumstances be replaced.

Ticket Use

The method by which Tickets are used or redeemed for entry to a concert or event is at the discretion of the Promoter. Unless specified otherwise by the Promoter, the Purchaser is responsible for printing the purchased Ticket, and must have the printed copy in hand in order to gain admittance to the concert or other event, along with valid photo identification matching the name on the Ticket.

In some cases the Promoter may choose to use a will call list as a means of honoring Tickets purchased through LFT TCKT. In such cases, the Purchaser is required to present themselves at the time and place of the concert or other event with valid photo identification. If the Purchaser has purchased multiple Tickets, they must specify the names of all persons for which the Tickets were purchased, at the time of purchase. In order to gain admittance to the concert or other event, the persons for which the Purchaser has purchased Tickets, must have valid photo identification matching the name or names on the will call list in association with the Purchaser, as entered by the Purchaser at the time of sale.

Refunds will not be granted if Purchaser fails to appear for will call list entry during the time specified by the Promoter, or fails to provide valid photo identification. Purchaser understands and agrees that LFT TCKT may disclose Purchaser’s name and email address to the Promoter and/or event venue in order to be used to verify the Purchaser’s identity.

LFT TCKT reserves the right to cancel Ticket orders for any reason including, but not limited to, incorrect billing information, or suspicious or fraudulent purchasing.

All Tickets are for individual use only, and are not for resale. Any instance of resale will result in the immediate cancellation of Tickets, with no refund or exchange offered.

Ticket Pricing and Availability

Event Ticket prices, quantity and concert or event location are decided and set by the Promoter, not LFT TCKT. The number of Tickets sold for an event is determined and set by the event Promoter, not LFT TCKT.  LFT TCKT will not be held liable in any manner for the over selling of Tickets.

If a concert or event requires seating specifications, the seating chart will be provided by the Promoter. LFT TCKT is not responsible for the accuracy of the seating charts, the over selling of any sections, or any other problem that may occur in this regard. Any such disputes are solely between the Purchaser and the Promoter.

For the service of providing the sale of tickets online LFT TCKT will charge the Purchaser a fee. Where applicable, this fee may be subject to federal and provincial taxes. The amount of taxes collected will be displayed on the receipt of sale. LFT TCKT is not responsible for the collection or remittance of taxes associated with the price of the ticket itself. Should the purchaser have questions regarding the taxes associated with the actual ticket, they are encouraged to communicate with the Promoter directly.

All Ticket prices for events held with the borders of Canada are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD). All Ticket prices are in for events held with the borders of the United States of America are listed in U.S. dollars (USD). All Ticket prices are in for events held with the borders of the European Union are listed in Euros (EURO).

Ticket Refunds

Full refunds are possible until the time at which Tickets for said event have ceased to be available for sale through LFT TCKT. The duration of the sale, quantity, or availability of Tickets for any event is solely at the discretion of the Promoter.

After an event has taken place LFT TCKT will not refund or exchange Tickets, unless requested by the Promoter, with the consent of LFT TCKT. Full refunds are offered until 24 hours before the event’s starting time, as listed on the purchased Ticket. Should the Purchaser require a refund after that point, the Purchaser should contact LFT TCKT to begin the process of requesting a refund. Refund requests that are made after the refund period (24 hours before the event’s starting time) has ended are subject to the Promoter’s approval.

Please review Ticket ordering information carefully prior to the purchasing of a Ticket.

Canceled or Rescheduled Events

Promoters, venues or others outside the control of LFT TCKT may cancel or reschedule events. Should an event be cancelled or rescheduled LFT TCKT will refund the entire Ticket price, as well as the service fee within 5-10 business days.

Information We Collect

There may be events for which the Promoter requires some personal information of the Purchaser. This information will be given solely for the purpose of identifying the Purchaser as themselves, in order to gain entry to the event. In most cases the information required is the Purchaser’s full name and email address In other situations, the Promoter may choose to include the option for the Purchaser to enter a greater amount of their information. In such cases LFT TCKT does not require the Purchaser to do so, as it is not required for the processing of ticket sales. Should the Purchaser choose not to submit such optional information, LFT TCKT will only share with the Promoter the information required, in all cases, for the sale and subsequent use of the Ticket (full name, email). LFT TCKT is not responsible in any way for the use of such information by the Promoter.

In order to process the purchase of a Ticket, LFT TCKT may request that the Purchaser enters personal billing information into labeled fields on LFT TCKT’s website(s) during the checkout process, in order to complete the credit card transaction. This information may include the purchaser’s full name, address, email address, credit card number and CVV number. This information is used by the credit card processor to verify the identity of the purchaser, in order to complete the transaction as well as prevent fraudulent behavior. All such information is secured, processed, and stored by LFT TCKT’s payment gateway provider. For more information on the security measures provided please contact [email protected] As a means of protecting the privacy and security of the Ticket Purchaser, LFT TCKT does not store the credit card number provided by the purchaser in any order or internal record, document, database, private intranet, or public website, at any time. Additionally LFT TCKT does not store any personal information beyond that which is necessary for the redemption of purchased of Tickets (full name, email).


LFT TCKT is based in Virginia, United States. Any legal disputes related to the purchase or sale of tickets made within the state of Virginia will be subject to the laws of the state of Virginia and the Purchaser hereby attorns to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Williamsburg, Virginia.